Back on the Air


After a long hiatus, I decided that it was time to resume the podcast. Living in Norway, it has been difficult to find a suitable content and production partner. There are five aspects to a podcast: researching and writing the story, producing the episode, recording, and editing (sound engineering), marketing, and management. Many prospects feared the repercussions of uncensored free speech, voicing the concerns of the silent majority. Therefore, this time, I will be going it alone with my wife offering editorial support and encouragement in the background.

We will aim for at least one 20-25-minute podcast per week, distributed on our iTunes channel. The shows will discuss the following topics: Life in Norway, current events, guest interviews, and my comments on social media posts. Once we get a rhythm and show formula, we hope to release more often. The spoken word will help augment the written message out faster while reaching a wider audience that the written one.


Democratic and egalitarian societies like America and Norway depend on their citizens for strength. Dictatorships rest on a powerful elite, powered by a propaganda machine and backed by an oppressive military establishment. Born and raised in America, but often visiting India, I realized that America, Anglo-Saxon (UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada) and Northern European democracies are quite fragile, requiring more attention from their participants. Apathy and complacency among my American peers always bothered me. Thomas Jefferson stated that it was our responsibility to uphold the society.

However, in the age of mass media, common core education, and Globalism, the average American seems to have forgotten their sense of identity. Mass Media and new age liberals have contorted Patriots into racists, narcissists, sexists, and misogynists. Lacking proper historical and critical thinking education, Millennials in Western nations appear to lack an understanding of what it means to be a nation. I even met Ivy League graduates that never took a US Constitution test while in high school.

Therefore, I am going to do my part to share my views as an American living in a “socialist paradise” on how important it is for each and every American to take patriotism seriously. You don’t have to agree with who is president but should, at least, understand the founding principles and history of our nation.


I would like to accomplish the following:

  • Offer my point of view, which is balanced and based on deep investigation and personal life experience.
  • Emphasize that being conservative and patriotic is not racist, fascist, or sexist.
  • Go there- discuss the controversial “elephant in the living room subjects.”
  • Discuss the trade-offs and decisions we must make, living in a democracy.
  • Promote “Smart Conservatism,” based on the principles set forth by the Founding Fathers while taking into account reality and the current times. For example:
    • The government cannot be eliminated but it can be minimized and should serve the American family.
    • People should come to the faith of free-will and not by law.

Coming Episodes:

  • My Life in Norway
  • My Trip to America
  • Reflections from the Oslo Freedom Forum

Wrap Up:

This production is a labor of love, sharing a unique perspective from living in Norway for the past four years. I do not consider myself a Democrat or Republican but rather an American, hoping to find others who think the same. Please take a look at our website with over 100 articles on politics, economics, life and travel. The economy section tabulates statistics from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. If you’re into Social Media please support us there as well (click on the links above or below). – Thank you

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