Russian Influence in Alaska

Alaska’s interesting history Many Russians will tell you that America stole it but really it was their own who did not read The Art of the Deal, selling it for pennies on the dollar.  

The Basis of Modern Western Civilization

My late Grandfather (Dehradun, India) told us that India was better off under the British. They offered infrastructure, a common language, literacy and most of all: order. The population was 318 million people in 1947. Today it is over 1.3 billion. Today India is a …

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The Trump Effect on Norway’s Labor Party

Norway’s Arbeiderpartiet (Workers Party) found some inspiration from their arch nemesis: Donald J. Trump. Ironically, both #45 and the most Norwegian political parties, left and some on the right, agree on protecting workers rights from social dumping and globalism. Perhaps this is why Trump is feared. …

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How NuoDB’s Cloud Services Help Businesses

For several decades, businesses have been relying on ordinary personal computers to get work done. Workstations are ideal in an office setting because they give each employee access to necessary computing resources, but the problem is that both performance and efficiency are very low. Since …

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