Nick Kamran is a pseudonym, keeping my real identity private to avoid conflicts interest and for personal safety.

I am an American of North Indian descent, born in Minnesota, currently in my mid-40s. My generation experienced one of the greatest technological transformations, moving from an analog lifestyle to a digital one in less than ten years (1995-2004). I am neither a Democrat or Republican: just an American, believing in what is best for my country and our citizens.

My academic background includes a bachelor degree in Nuclear Engineering and an MBA from a Big 10 University. I worked for several Fortune 50 firms, served in the US Armed Forces, visited 48 US States and nearly 40 countries.

I moved to Norway in 2013, seeking a more balanced life. The decision was difficult, leaving behind a promising career at a leading Wall Street firm.  Venturing into the uncharted territory, I arrived jobless and unknown. Nevertheless, I found my way, relying on life experience and sheer will power.

Now that I am settled, I would like to share my story, views, and perspectives. I hope to reach the Americans back home, curious about the Nordic life, and Norwegians, interested in viewpoints that often challenge their mainstream paradigms.