How NuoDB’s Cloud Services Help Businesses

For several decades, businesses have been relying on ordinary personal computers to get work done. Workstations are ideal in an office setting because they give each employee access to necessary computing resources, but the problem is that both performance and efficiency are very low. Since …

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Economy Page Updated

This month we started to track the following: M3 Money Supply Money Supply Per Capita Ratio – showing true inflationary trends Calculated burn rate of the fund: Fund Value/Budget Deficit Please visit the updated page.

My Experience with Race Relations Part 1 of 3

Introduction (0:00 – 1:20) Welcome Most un-PC Episode ever Why am I talking about this? The Irrational Extremes are One in The Same. (1:21 – 10:18) Neither extreme presents economic or logical arguments that embrace scientific, mathematical, historical, and economic truths. It’s pretty cool that …

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