Economy Page Updated

Today, I updated the economy page. This page is an extensive resource, viewing key economic metrics in both a historical and relative perspective across the Nordic region.

Poland: Europe’s Hope

Recently, I have been on the road, traveling to Warsaw, Poland – a fast growing IT technology hub. While meeting a vendor, I noticed something very different, compared to Scandinavia – enthusiasm, and optimism. Like the Nordics, they spoke excellent English, except they don’t constantly …

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The Truth about Sexism

Pick Up Artists, or guys who like to charm the girls, have come under fire for being human.  The BBC mocked men who like to approach women and ask them out on dates.  Eddie Hitchens, from Street Attraction, responds to the criticism like a true Englishman …

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Political Judo: Trump vs. Kim Jong-un

Reading the headlines, listening to the commentary, and talking to nervous Norwegians on the street, one would think the world is quickly coming to an end soon, Thanks to DJT (Donald J Trump). However, the American moves may be more calculated than we first thought. …

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Prager University: Communists vs. Nazis

This is an unprecedented but much-needed analysis, discussing the menace hiding in plain site.  The main difference between the two is the “marketing” and “image management.” I hope this video makes people think on the “Worker’s Day.”