Liberal Intolerance in Review – An Update (31.1.2017)

(Updates added in the different sections below) Raising “Minnesota” Born in Minnesota and raised Liberal (Democrat), during the 70’s and 80’s, we stood for tolerance even if we didn’t agree with views presented; so long as those presenting were not inciting violence. Although my parents …

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The Story of Donald vs. Goliath

Clarifying the Issues President Trump hit the ground the ground running, signing several executive orders, setting our country in the right direction. President Trump, making difficult decisions, will inevitably disappoint some or even most people at times. Otherwise, there would be no dilemma on which …

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Library Section and Other Updates

This week, we added the “Library” section, listing our favorite books. In the future we will add movies and additional links. Moreover, we switched to a more blog friendly theme and started to make videos. Thank you for following us. [wps-social-ninja global-settings=”0″ show-count=”0″ show-before-post-content=”0″ show-after-post-content=”0″ …

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Economy Page Updated to Include Housing Figures

In addition to macroeconomic and budgetary figures, I added housing data and analysis, helping people understand the connection between the apartment price and global currencies like Gold and the US Dollar. See the Economy for more. [wps-social-ninja global-settings=”0″ show-count=”0″ show-before-post-content=”0″ show-after-post-content=”0″ align=”left” social-engines=”facebook,twitter,linkedin,googleplus,reddit” layout=”wps-sn-layout-round” /]