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Norwegian Key Economic Indicators Overview

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Budget & Oil Fund Indicators

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Oslo Housing and Norwegian Lifestyle Indicators

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1. Norges Bank: Key Policy Rate Annual Average

2. Statistics Norway: Consumer Price Index

3. Calculated: Key Rate – Inflation

4. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): Real GDP Forecast

5. Calculated: Real GDP Growth – Inflation

6. Statistics Norway: Norwegian Population and population change

7. Calculated: Year over year population growth as percentage

8. Calculated: GDP – Population Growth

9. Norges Bank: Exchange Rates for US Dollar

10. Energy Institute of America: Brent Europe Annual Price

11. Kitco: Historical Gold Price Charts and Data

12. Calculated: Gold in USD x USDNOK (FX Rate)

13. Statistics Norway: Labour force survey, seasonally-adjusted figures

14. Statistics Norway: Financial accounts (seasonally adjusted)

15. National Budget Website ( Latest revisions

16. Calculated Value: Fiscal Budget x USDNOK (Norges Bank annual average exchange rate)

17. Norges Bank Investment Management: Market Value – Projection Fund Size

18. Calculated Value: Fund Value x USDNOK (Norges Bank annual average exchange rate)

19. Calculated: Fund Value / Budget – number of years that Norway can run on zero tax collections.

20. Calculated: State Budget / Population (SSB) – Government expenditure per person

21. Calculated: NBIM Fund Value / Population (SSB) – National Savings per person

22. Calculated: Fund Value per Person (NOK) / USDNOK (Norges Bank)

23. Statistics Norway: External Trade in Goods

24. Calculated: Trade Balance x USDNOK (Norges Bank)

25. Statistics Norway: Table 06035: Freeholder. Average price per square meter – municipality 2013 – 0301 Oslo Municipality

26. Calculated: (NOK/SQM)/USD NOK

27. Calculated: USD Gold Price x USD NOK

28. Calculated: (NOK/SQM)/ Gold (NOK/OZ)

29. Index of Retail Sales: Volume Index Seasonally Adjusted, M12 – 2010=100 (excluding cars)

30., Index of household consumption of goods. Volume index. Seasonally adjusted. 2005=100

31. Statsbudsjettet (State Budget website): Tax Revenues excluding oil revenues and Tax Expenditures excluding oil revenues

32. Calculated: Tax Revenues (excluding oil) – Tax Expenditures (excluding oil)

33. Rental Market Survey: Oslo and Bærum municipality – 2 rooms

34. Capitalization Rate (Assume 65 sqm): (Rent x 12) / (Flat Price x 65)

35. Labour market and Earnings for those with more than 4 years’ higher education (tables 11420, 08057 & 05220)

36. Derived: USD annual wage = NOK wages x USDNOK exchange rate

37. Derived: Ratio = Flat Price per sqm x 65 sqm / (12 x monthly wage)


Sweden Key Indicators

  1. Statistics Sweden
  2. Statistics Sweden – Unemployed persons and of which full-time students aged 15-74 (LFS) by sex and age. Year 2005 – 2016
  3. Sveriges Riksbank – Repo rate average by year.
  4. Statistics Sweden
  5. Calculated Repo Rate – Inflation Rate
  6. Statistics Sweden
  7. Statistics Sweden
  8. Swedish Real Estate Statistics (Svensk Mäklarstatistik)
  9. Statistics Sweden
  10. Sveriges Riksbank
  11. Kitco
  12. Calculated: Exchange Rate x Gold Price


Denmark Key Indicators

  1. Statistics Denmark – Population
  2. Statistics Denmark -Unemployment
  3. Denmark’s National Bank – Discount Rate at year end.
  4. Statistics Denmark – Historic CPI Dec Year over Year
  5. Calculated: Key Rate – Average Annual Inflation Rate
  6. Statistics Denmark – Housing Price Index – Owner-occupied flats, total – Price index for sales of property (2006=100)
  7. Statistics Denmark – Indices of average earnings in Corporations and Organizations – (1.kvartal 2005 =100) by industry, time and seasonal adjustment
  8. Realkreditrådet – Association of Danish Mortgage Banks – BM010: Property prices in housing market by area, property category and prices of completed transactions
  9. Statistics Denmark – PRIS114: NET PRICE INDEX (2015=100) BY COMMODITY GROUP AND UNIT – 04.1 Actual rentals for housing
  10. Denmark’s National Bank
  11. Kitco
  12. Calculated Gold Price USD x USDDKK


Finland Key Indicators

  1. Eurostat
  2. Eurostat
  3. ECB – Fixed Rate Tenders or Variable rate tenders or Minimum Bid Rate prior to 2008
  4. Eurostat: Inflation
  5. Calculated: Key Rate – Inflation
  6. Statistics Finland: Single-family houses index 2005=100 (Nominal Price Index) – Single Family Home
  7. Statistics Finland – Wages, Salaries and Labour Costs
  8. Statistics Finland – Real Estate Prices
  9. Statistics Finland: Indexed rent on 2 room flat in greater Helsinki. (Index and Price per sqm)
  10. European Central Bank
  11. Kitco
  12. Calculated: Gold Price in USD x USDEUR

Complete MS Excel files available for $50 per document or $300 annually (updated monthly)

Contact info <at>

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