Comparing and Contrasting Nordic Economies

Referencing the previous article, “Are 100-Year Mortgages Next? Effects of Negative Real Interest Rates on Nordic Housing Bubble,” Nordic and European central banks extended their mandate beyond price stability to support economic growth. Not only did that inflate housing bubbles throughout the Nordics but it …

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Discussing The Norwegian Housing Bubble

Nick Kamran discusses the housing in Oslo, Norway and why it’s time to avoid it. Artificially low interest rates are driving up apartment prices, pushing people deeper and deeper into debt.  Key bubble indicators are capitalization rates (housing prices rising faster than rents). This story references …

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Russia Now the Top Crude Oil Producer

by Claudia Carpenter at Bloomberg February 20, 2017 Saudis lose top spot for 1st time since March: official data U.S. ranked No. 3 with output of 8.8 million barrels a day Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest crude producer in December, when both …

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Norwegian Inflation Moderating but Read the Fine Print

Clothing and Furniture: Despite headline inflation moderating, inflation remains problematic. Headline inflation declined by .7% to 2.8% for the year in Norway, mostly attributed to falling clothing and furniture prices. Almost everything else went up in price, especially housing and food. Source: Statistics Norway – …

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Economy Page Updated!

The economy page has been updated. The budgetary figures have been updated using figures from the Norwegian State Budget website instead of Statistics Norway. Per a reader’s email, it is more accurate to use non-petroleum budgetary figures to better reflect that state of the economy. …

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Economy Page Update

We updated the Economy page with the latest figures from Statistics Norway, Norges Bank, and other sources. Please see the pages: In the Budget Indicators dashboard, we added Government Budget and Expenditures.  That will better reflect overall government fiscal health. We renamed the final dashboard to …

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Economy Page Updated to Include Housing Figures

In addition to macroeconomic and budgetary figures, I added housing data and analysis, helping people understand the connection between the apartment price and global currencies like Gold and the US Dollar. See the Economy for more. [wps-social-ninja global-settings=”0″ show-count=”0″ show-before-post-content=”0″ show-after-post-content=”0″ align=”left” social-engines=”facebook,twitter,linkedin,googleplus,reddit” layout=”wps-sn-layout-round” /]