Political Judo: Trump vs. Kim Jong-un

Reading the headlines, listening to the commentary, and talking to nervous Norwegians on the street, one would think the world is quickly coming to an end soon, Thanks to DJT (Donald J Trump). However, the American moves may be more calculated than we first thought. …

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Prager University: Communists vs. Nazis

This is an unprecedented but much-needed analysis, discussing the menace hiding in plain site.  The main difference between the two is the “marketing” and “image management.” I hope this video makes people think on the “Worker’s Day.”

The Internet’s “Ancient” Origins

“Digital Archeologists,” specializing in prehistoric information conveyance, will agree that Johannes Gutenberg, Benjamin Franklin, and Richard Warren Sears contributions gave rise to the modern-day information highway. Underlying their intellectual gifts, they shared a rebellious spirit combined with unwavering determination. All of these men believed in …

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