What’s So Bad About Globalism?

by Jim Goad at Taki’s Magzine  (Spoiler Alert: Everything) As far as I can tell, globalism is a scheme concocted by the rich to destroy the working and middle classes through worldwide financial imperialism. I have a strong hunch that globalism is also a plot hatched …

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Let’s Talk About Sweden

Last week (18.2.2017), President Trump made the following comment: “You look at what’s happening,” he told his supporters. “We have got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany; you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would …

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Friday Humor: Make Somalia Great Again

Stephen Schwartz, the Obama-appointed U.S. ambassador to Somalia, gave President Mohamed Abdullahi an unusual gift after two days of meetings: A blue-and-white cap bearing the slogan “Make Somalia Great Again.” Continue Reading Meanwhile the Prime Minister is in trouble with the Norwegian government who feels …

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My Favorite President

An inspirational story and harrowing tale in American history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGfxyeuy8u8 [wps-social-ninja global-settings=”0″ show-count=”0″ show-before-post-content=”0″ show-after-post-content=”0″ align=”left” social-engines=”facebook,twitter,linkedin,googleplus,reddit” layout=”wps-sn-layout-round” /]  

Russia Now the Top Crude Oil Producer

by Claudia Carpenter at Bloomberg February 20, 2017 Saudis lose top spot for 1st time since March: official data U.S. ranked No. 3 with output of 8.8 million barrels a day Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest crude producer in December, when both …

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Norwegian Inflation Moderating but Read the Fine Print

Clothing and Furniture: Despite headline inflation moderating, inflation remains problematic. Headline inflation declined by .7% to 2.8% for the year in Norway, mostly attributed to falling clothing and furniture prices. Almost everything else went up in price, especially housing and food. Source: Statistics Norway – …

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